The Pakistani city of Lahore contributed data towards the development of Open e-Governance Index from a diverse mix of participants ranging from Academia and Media to NGOs, political parties and Businesses.

As expected, majority of respondents were not aware of existing practices regarding open egovernance  and questioned the purpose and benefit of the survey. The interview exercise proved to be a significant disseminator of education in this regard.

Respondents who belonged to the top tiers of their organizations appeared reluctant when it came to providing information as compared to those who belong to middle the middle tiers.

It was interesting to note that while most respondents thought that freedom of speech and governance through ICT mediums were restricted and repressed, they were of the opinions that laws governing, regulating and supporting the same ‘existed’.¬†Overall, there appeared to be a negative trend as many people believed that Pakistan is far away from the establishment of better e-governance benchmarks.