Website Woes: Human Rights’ Miseries!

The Ministry of Human Rights website deserves a special tribute for it commits to “creating a society free of human rights suffering and deprivation”, something very close to our heart. On the aesthetics side, the website designer seems to have attempted to enjoy some liberty with the consistent green/white theme typical for Pakistani Government websites and ended up with a pale, jaundiced green for not only the website but also [&hellip

Website Woes: PTA grabs the spotlight

After an eventful set of experiences researching and analyzing  Pakistani websites of various genres for their quality against international benchmarks, we headed towards the official nerve center of of Pakistani telecommunication – the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. After all, PTA is one of the more active organizations in Pakistan, often making headlines relating to cyberspace content monitoring, plus its website is an award winner under the ‘Government Websites’ category from Pakistan Web Awards [&hellip